Torchpack: Who we are

The time has come for a new male self-image. A community of men living, working and working out with - not against - one another and enjoying each other’s company. Men of the future. Free men; free from prejudice and envy, with free hearts and minds.  

Free to say what they think. Free to love whomever they  want. Free to dress to please themselves and others and to use fashion to express their inner selves. 

We are TORCHPACK. We stand for sports, design, fashion and a new generation of men prepared to take up the torch. We are the pack. We are your pack. We stand for fun, enjoyment and community spirit. Our fashion is a statement. Your statement, one that shows that you belong. Together, we enjoy the spirit of competition and spreading joy through our fashion. We want to tear down all the petty barriers and with your help, we will build a world where you can be strong, sexy and open.  

Be part of it